話說我為了能找到內心的和平和平號遊輪工作。現在在的西班牙小鎮的聖母稱號也是和平La Paz,是不是很巧?! (每個小鎮城市都有稱自己聖母的名字,指的都是聖母瑪麗亞但有不同名字,和地方的歷史和曾顯現的神跡有關)

I literally wrote on my application for Peace Boat volunteer program that I hope Peace Boat could bring me to my inner peace. Now here I am in this small Spanish town, the name of the patron saint is also “La Paz“. What a coincidence!

不需要到很遠的地方 找尋內心平靜 真正的快樂從傾聽自己開始

My reflection after the boat trip end of last year was that I don’t really have to travel far. Peace starts within if I keep listening to my inner voice.

看到環境汙染的數據 難過到流淚 就是因為在意
在船上辦活動被客訴 和同事相處不快 碰釘子也要站出來做點什麼 因為在意,因為希望做得更好…


When I saw the information about ocean pollution, I was in tears.
It wasn’t always easy running events on the cruise.
Despite customer complaint and quarrel with co-workers, I kept trying.
I cried because I care enough about those things and wish that I can do more.

And that is a motivation from within that would hopefully lead me to my purpose, my true happiness.

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