Make Friends with the world-Portugal 和世界做朋友-葡萄牙篇

Here are some short stories about working as interpreter touring around the world.

2018年10月12日 Porto, Portugal 波爾圖,葡萄牙

Visiting the home of Port wine, Douro valley with Tania.
She introduced the daily lives of a Portuguese, traffic, education, health care and answered to all additional questions, played traditional Portuguese FADO music with her phone and people could listen through the microphone on the bus. We also had a language session to learn about local greetings. Everybody seemed to enjoy the trip, including me!
與Tania 一起通過Douro山谷,參觀釀造Port葡萄酒之酒廠。她介紹了葡萄牙人的日常生活,交通,教育和醫療保健,並回答了所有其他乘客的問題,還用手機播放傳統的葡萄牙FADO音樂,人們可以通過大巴車上的音響設備聽。 我們還開了 葡萄牙語課程,學了當地的問候語,其實和西班牙語的Hola一樣。 每個人包括我在內,都很喜歡這次旅行!

She was knowledgeable, kind and well spoken. Strangely, we were instantly like close friends as we shared interests of anthropology and ideas about issues in today’s reality. As half Spanish and half Portuguese, she shared some insights about how people there feel a little discriminated by Spanish as it was once a colony. (On the other hand, my Spanish friends don’t agree with it.)
她懂很多,人很和善而且說話起來滿有學問的。 奇怪的是,我們立刻就像閨密一樣親近,因為我們二個人都有著對人類學的興趣。在乘客睡覺的時候,我們大談對當今現實社會問題的看法。 身為一半的西班牙人和一半葡萄牙人的她,分享了因為葡萄牙曾經是西班牙殖民地,一些葡萄牙人們仍能感受來自西班牙人的歧視。 (不過,我身邊的西班牙朋友認為沒這回事…)

OK, back to Tania. At the end of the trip, I thanked her for her wonderful tour with her personal touch. She then took the microphone and thanked all of us as she understood from me that people on Peace Boat don’t travel for pure leisure that some people in the world do try to make positive impact. She said “I worked for other cruises before and you are my favorite group as you showed genuine interest in my country. Today wasn’t just about work and was an personal development for me as well. It was a true cultural exchange!” So the day ended with a touching note:)
好的,話題回到我們的導遊Tania。 在旅行結束時,我感謝她帶有個人風格的精彩之旅。 她拿起麥克風,反過來謝謝我們所有人,因為她從我這裡了解到,和平船上的人不非是為了純粹休閒而旅行,有些人確實試圖在這世界上發揮正面的影響。 她說:「我之前為帶過很多其他遊輪的團,你們這團是我最喜歡的。因為你對我的國家表現出真正的興趣,所以今天不只是工作,對我來說是真正的文化交流也是個人的成長!」感性地為那一天劃下了句點:)

Too bad that we tried to add each other on FB without success. But I know we would remember each other as we exchanged some of our interesting views about Japan, maybe I will write another article about this later.
很可惜的是,我們試圖在FB上加對方為好友,但是沒有成功。 但我知道我們會記得彼此,因為我們談了很深入的話題,分享了一些對日本特別的觀點,也許我稍後會再寫關於這個的另一篇文章。


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