Following my footprint to Africa 一起環遊世界-非洲篇


和平號帶我們到了非洲北部摩洛哥(Morocco)-經過丹吉爾(Tangier)到達了得土安 (Tetouan). 老城在1997年被列入世界文化遺產。




那天我們的團坐的是16號車,當我們在城裡步行觀光需要轉彎時,我用小蜜蜂和大家提醒: 16車的朋友我們右轉,過馬路小心。有人聽成16歲的朋友…我說對啊,今天大家都是16歲的少女少男,他們笑得多開心…不過改天坐5號車,我們就變成5歲,哈哈!

10/10/2018, Peace Boat docked in Tangier, Morocco.

We took the tour bus to visit Tetouan (UNESCO since 1997).

In the old town, the original streets winding like a maze and time seems to have stopped ticking.
You can see people doing activities like it was 100 years ago, tailors making clothes, making leather products by hands, and selling sweets and fresh goat cheese without a refrigerator.

The bakery, actually serves as a big public oven (using charcoal that gives the bread a distinctive taste) and people have to make their own dough at home and bring it there to bake. It’s the best place to gossip.

The new town was built by Spanish in 1912, looks just like a shopping street in Spain nowadays. On the right-hand side of the palace, you will find a passage to the Jewish quarter full of empty houses and new Arabic-speaking residents. Many Jews left for Israel in 1948 but the architecture proves their existence with windows and balconies. But it’s not a custom for Arabic people to have windows so they keep them closed and only the invited visitors can see the interior of the house.

Some empty houses have keys on them however locals leave those properties alone and only cover the doors with wood or fabric. They respect the ownership there. They’re waiting quietly for 100 years for those to become state property and get redistributed. When the mosque broadcasts “It’s time for prayers!”, the shopkeepers only cover the goods with fabric but nothing gets stolen.

Another interesting fact: Catholic and Jewish people are only 2% of the Moroccan population but the Catholic church is right next to the mosque. They coexist peacefully!

That day, our group took the car No. 16. When we needed to take turns in the city, I used the little bee (a sound amplifying system) to alert everyone. “Friends from the car number 16, let’s take a right turn here and mind your step when crossing the street. Some people thought that I was saying something like my 16-year-old friends instead of the car-no.-16 friends… So I joked around with them. Yes, that’s right. Today, everyone is 16-year-old. Don’t forget you’re still young! They all laughed… But if we were to take car 5, we would become 5 years old then, haha!😋


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