Make friends with the world-my roomie 和世界做朋友-室友篇


My roomie, Caitriona, 5 years younger than me, a chemical engineer from Ireland. She did her Erasmus study in France and briefly worked in The Nederlands. Soon she realized the previous job wasn’t for her and wanted to travel to Brazil. There she became an English teacher and that’s when she found her calling being a teacher. Then she began her journey teaching in different places like Scotland and Portugal. On the cruise, she was an volunteer English teacher.

我們很像,當船方公佈誰是室友時,讓我們和陌生的對方打招呼,有的人High five、 握手,而我們卻是給對方一個大大的擁抱,好像已經認識很久再度相會的感覺。

We’re very much alike. For example, when we were first introduced to each other, it was when Peace Boat announced the name of the roommate. Instead of other people shaking hands, doing high-five, we instantly gave each other a big hug as if we have known each other for a long time. 


  • 喜歡寫日記、喜歡大自然、一樣的音樂甚至是喜歡一樣的男生類型
  • 兩個人學的都是工科 (我是商科偏工,所以很多女生的小細節我們不在意)
  • 在上船之前都有一段令人心碎但勇敢的愛情故事
  • 生病的時候喜歡自然療法,讓它自己好
  • 爸爸媽媽都在我們小時候分開了…
  • 我愛唱歌跳舞,她奉陪
  • 我愛辦活動,她自己一定加入,還幫我邀請她的同事和學生共襄盛舉
  • 我曾經是沙發客,而她是現任的沙發客,也喜歡當志工到世界各地旅行、交朋友
  • 對買東西沒什麼太大的慾望,二手衣也很好

When I was in college, I stayed in a dormitory for 2 months with other 5 girls. I was sleeping on a bunk-bed for more than 10 years. So sharing space with someone else was not an issue for me. Besides, as a single child growing up, I particularly enjoy companies. But little did I know that we would hit it off so well. Here’re some reasons why:

  • We both love writing journals, enjoy nature and listen to similar types of music and when it comes to love, we even like the same type of guys
  • In school, we both followed quite some technical trainings so we are not attracted by the girly details
  • We both had a heart-broken love stories prior to coming on board
  • When we’re sick, we prefer to let the body heal itself without the help of medication
  • Our parents divorced during our childhood
  • I love singing and dancing and she would bring her high energy and keep me company to the end
  • I like to organize events, she would join and invite everybody to come
  • I used to do Couchsurfing while she’s the current “couch surfer”, not to mention that we both like travelling and doing volunteer work
  • We don’t have much desire when it comes to shopping, second hand clothes are just as good 

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