Peace boat might never sail again? 和平號可能再也無法出航?

One unforgettable volunteering experience

Two years ago, at the crossroads of life, I joined Peace Boat as an international volunteer going around the world for four months. No internet and no contact with the outside world, feeling lost in nature; time and space became not relevant as you’re surrounded only by endless water and infinite blue sky. All you can hear are the ship vibrating and the water splashing. You get to experience this vast quietness that allows you to only focus on yourself, on what you do and how it makes you feel. When it always feels like yesterday, it’s timeless.


Real taste of freedom

One day in November 2018, it was my second time in the Caribbean. Somewhere between Jamaica and Cuba, there was an open-air party on board after the sailing ceremony. I remember hanging out with my friends at the bar after a long day of work. The weather was great and the music was right, everybody was having a good time chatting, dancing and having dance battles. I suddenly realized that among the people with high energy, I am no longer the hyper-freak anymore. That night was epic! We danced to our hearts’ content. But after a while, time for a break as I reached my physical limit. I leaned my upper body over the railing to rest. My head over the fence, my eyes looking over the ship at the water splashing by, my arms open in the air and the wind blowing, I felt like I was flying, being totally free; freed from the old self chained by my insecurities. I told myself never to forget that moment.


And then what?

Getting off Peace Boat, I know exactly what I want and what I need to do.
I don’t need much material to be happy.
I don’t need to travel far to find peace.
All comes within me.
I know I just need to decipher my emotions as it’s a channel to my soul.

After visiting 47 countries, I stopped traveling and stopped chasing things that are not for me so I can embrace the true happiness with my own definition.

What is your definition of happiness? Let me know by commenting below!




Let it sail again

Last but not least, recently the tourism industry has been hit very hard due to the virus. Peace Boat was forced to cancel six voyages. Our support will determine whether it can resume the voyage in December. I hope this Japanese non-profit organization, the ship in the name of peace, can continue to sail and bring peace to the world. We count on your support to donate and to forward this message. Every bit counts!



Thank you!

About Author

People who know me might think that I have a lot of positive energy, love to help others, and like to do volunteer work. But behind this making the world a better place thing is also about making myself feel good. I enjoy the feeling of my blood pumping for something bigger. This is what keeps me smiling for a very long time. I am like the little boy on the beach trying to throwback each stranded sea star back in the ocean. I can’t possibly save the whole world but I might just change the life I touched for good. For me, that is living.


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